History of the Company

2009 - MARCH
Established as LSC DIY Products Trading by Mr. Jimmy Loo with a nominal investment of only RM 38,000. Being a one man show yet ambitious person; Jimmy worked very hard during the early days. In the morning, he will personally deliver all the product orders to the existing clients and in the evening he will arrange sales appointments to meet up with new prospects. On top of that in the late evenings he will dedicate time to researching and producing economic thinners and cleaning chemical agents to be supplied to hardware shops the next day.

2010 - APRIL
After approximately 1 year in operation, Jimmy’s small factory unfortunately caught fire and he lost all his hard work and investment that he had into the place. However, in May 2010, he was fortunate enough to have the chance to start anew at a new facility in Pandamaran, Klang and began to manufacture industry paints.

LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd was founded in 2012, and Jimmy immediately began hiring skilled chemists to create high-quality products. He also ventured into developing a sales teams and built a network.

2016 - MARCH
As the organisation grew and more clients grew together, the current production level was having difficulty to meet the current demand for supplies. Due to this, LSC relocated to a new facility based in Kapar, Klang. From this point onwards, LSC has grown its capacity by exporting to Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesia.

As part of the business expansion, LSC had started venturing into the waste management industry. In doing so, FM Chemical & Coating Sdn Bhd was formed and simultaneously filed to the Selangor DOE for a business license. After abiding to the all conditions and regulations from EIA, PAT, EMP, and KB - the company received the permission and license to operate in December 2019.


Despite complying to the strict regulations in producing quality products, LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd was not bestowed the recognition from the Quality Standard Association. So in 2019, LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd submitted an application to SIRIM Malaysia to receive the recognition. After much perseverance and abiding to all the established quality criteria, LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd was recognised and awarded a certificate by SIRIM in 2021.

In conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in January 2020, LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd had taken the lead to develop cleansing products such as hand sanitisers and industrial disinfectants. The goal of these products was to assist the community in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. LSC kept to the focus of providing consumers with high-quality items at an affordable price.

2020 – AUGUST
Despite the business challenges faced by many companies, the demand for sanitisers and disinfections grew tremendously which allowed LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd’s business to bloom as well. Together partnering with developer ETA, LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd had agreed to build a new, larger facility at a projected cost of RM 14.3 million in Kapar, Klang.

2022 – JULY
The new factory, which is located in Kapar, Klang, is 90 percent complete, and LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd plans to relocate to this place in 2023.


Pictures of LSC Chemical & Paints Sdn Bhd Factory